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VOTING SYSTEMS: To learn about the voting systems in use in Maryland go to 

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: The registration deadline is twenty-one days preceding an Election.

MARYLAND PARTY PRIMARIES: The ballot you receive at the polls will depend how you are registered to vote. If your affiliation is Democrat, you will be given a Democrat ballot. If your affiliation is Republican, you will be given a Republican ballot.

GENERAL ELECTION: All qualified citizens who are registered to vote are eligible to vote in the General Election.

SAMPLE BALLOT: The Harford County Election Office mails a sample ballot out to every registered voter prior to the Presidential and Gubernatorial Primary and General Election. The sample ballot will give you an opportunity to review the candidates and questions. You can mark the sample ballot, bring it with you to the polls on election day and use it as your guide.

VOTING HOURS: The polls are open to the public from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m on Election Day.

WHERE YOU VOTE: Your voting location is determined by the election district and precinct of the residential address on your voter registration record. Election laws require that you keep your address up to date with the Election Office. Your voting location is listed on your voter's card.

ALTERNATE VOTING LOCATION: If the polling place assigned to an elderly or disabled voter is not structurally barrier free, a voter may request, in writing, a reassignment by the local election board. Requests must be received not later than the close of registration for the election.

If you have any questions about where you vote or whether your registration card is up to date, call the Harford County Election Office at 410-638-3565, e-mail us at 

Harford County Board of Elections
133 Industry Lane, Forest Hill, Maryland 21050
410-638-3565 or 410-879-2000 -- (TTY) 711 -- (fax) 410-638-3310

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