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File Name File Size File Type Rev. Date
1-01 Magnolia Elementary School 927 KB Adobe PDF 02-09-12
1-02 Joppa Magnolia Fire Hall 458 KB Adobe PDF
1-03 Edgewood Elementary School 1,234 KB Adobe PDF
1-04 Joppatowne Elementary School 420 KB Adobe PDF
1-05 Deerfield Elementary School 511 KB Adobe PDF 02-09-12
1-06 Edgewood Recreation and Community Center 324 KB Adobe PDF
1-07 Trinity Lutheran School 683 KB Adobe PDF
1-08 Emmorton Elementary School 282 KB Adobe PDF
1-09 Abindgon Elementary School Gym 432 KB Adobe PDF 08-07-13
1-10 William Paca Elementary School 859 KB Adobe PDF
1-11 William S. James Elementary School 244 KB Adobe PDF
1-12 Abingdon Fire Hall 552 KB Adobe PDF
1-13 Old Post Road Elementary School 342 KB Adobe PDF 08-07-13
1-14 Patterson Mill Middle/High School 473 KB Adobe PDF
1-15 Abingdon Elementary School Gym 257 KB Adobe PDF
1-16 Church Creek Elementary School 317 KB Adobe PDF
1-17 The Highlands School 460 KB Adobe PDF 07-15-13
1-18 Old Post Road Elementary School 525 KB Adobe PDF
1-19 Edgewood High School 607 KB Adobe PDF 02-09-12
1-20 Church Creek Elementary School 839 KB Adobe PDF 02-09-12
1-21 St Mary's Episcopal Church 317 KB Adobe PDF
1-22 Old Post Road Elementary School 240 KB Adobe PDF 08-07-13
1-23 Joppatowne Elementary School 529 KB Adobe PDF 07-15-13
1-24 Riverside Elementary School 309 KB Adobe PDF 07-15-13
1-25 Old Post Road Elementary School 416 KB Adobe PDF 08-07-13
1-26 Old Post Road Elementary School 408 KB Adobe PDF 08-07-13
1-27 The Highlands School 423 KB Adobe PDF 07-15-13
1-41 Riverside Elementary School 396 KB Adobe PDF 07-15-13
1-45 Joppatowne High School 417 KB Adobe PDF
2-01 George D. Lisby Elementary School 466 KB Adobe PDF 07-15-13
2-02 Level Fire Hall 647 KB Adobe PDF 07-15-13
2-03 Aberdeen VFW - 10028 395 KB Adobe PDF 07-15-13
2-04 Aberdeen Senior High School 494 KB Adobe PDF 07-15-13
2-05 Aberdeen Middle School 248 KB Adobe PDF 02-09-12
2-07 Level Fire Hall 140 KB Adobe PDF 02-09-12
2-10 Aberdeen Senior High School 675 KB Adobe PDF
2-11 Aberdeen Middle School 947 KB Adobe PDF 02-09-12
2-14 Hall's Cross Roads Elementary School 273 KB Adobe PDF 02-09-12
2-15 George Lisby Elementary School 616 KB Adobe PDF
2-19 Hall's Cross Roads Elementary School 1,185 KB Adobe PDF 02-09-12
2-20 Aberdeen Senior High School 497 KB Adobe PDF 07-15-13
2-21 Level Fire Hall 501 KB Adobe PDF 07-15-13
2-22 George D. Lisby Elementary School 376 KB Adobe PDF 07-15-13
3-02 Churchville Recreation Center 764 KB Adobe PDF 02-09-12
3-03 Fallston Senior High School 499 KB Adobe PDF 07-15-13
3-04 Hickory Elementary School 346 KB Adobe PDF
3-05 Forest Hill Elementary School 421 KB Adobe PDF 07-15-13
3-06 Fallston Middle School 432 KB Adobe PDF
3-07 Mountain Christian Church 284 KB Adobe PDF
3-08 Newport Terrace 355 KB Adobe PDF
3-09 Forest Lake Elementary School 270 KB Adobe PDF
3-10 Bel Air Elementary School 533 KB Adobe PDF
3-11 Mt. Ararat Lodge 302 KB Adobe PDF
3-12 Bel Air Middle School 629 KB Adobe PDF
3-13 Red Pump Elementary School 485 KB Adobe PDF 07-15-13
3-14 Bel Air High School 652 KB Adobe PDF 07-15-13
3-15 Southampton Middle School 879 KB Adobe PDF 11-13-12
3-16 Ring Factory Elementary School 268 KB Adobe PDF
3-17 Wakefield Elementary School 883 KB Adobe PDF 02-09-12
3-18 Southampton Middle School 519 KB Adobe PDF 07-15-13
3-19 C. Milton Wright High School 270 KB Adobe PDF
3-20 Prospect Mill Elementary School 417 KB Adobe PDF
3-21 Fountain Green Elementary School 165 KB Adobe PDF
3-22 Harford Technical High School 292 KB Adobe PDF
3-23 St. Matthews Lutheran Great Hall 264 KB Adobe PDF
3-24 Victorious Faith Fellowship 387 KB Adobe PDF 08-07-13
3-26 Forest Hill Elementary School 438 KB Adobe PDF 07-15-13
3-27 Southampton Middle School 405 KB Adobe PDF 07-15-13
4-01 Jarrettsville Elementary School 407 KB Adobe PDF 07-15-13
4-02 Fallston United Methodist Church 845 KB Adobe PDF 11-09-15
4-03 Norrisville Elementary School 435 KB Adobe PDF
4-04 North Bend Elementary School 530 KB Adobe PDF
4-05 Roni Chenowith Activity Center 769 KB Adobe PDF 11-09-15
4-06 Jarrettsville Library 653 KB Adobe PDF 11-09-15
4-07 Jarrettsville Elementary School 304 KB Adobe PDF 07-15-13
5-01 Dublin Elementary School 775 KB Adobe PDF
5-02 North Harford High School 347 KB Adobe PDF
5-03 North Harford Elementary School 623 KB Adobe PDF
5-04 Darlington Elementary School 491 KB Adobe PDF
6-01 Havre de Grace High School 725 KB Adobe PDF
6-02 Meadowvale Elementary School 268 KB Adobe PDF 02-09-12
6-03 Havre de Grace Elementary School 266 KB Adobe PDF 02-09-12
6-04 Meadowvale Elementary School 196 KB Adobe PDF 02-09-12
6-05 Aberdeen Middle School 533 KB Adobe PDF 02-07-14
6-06 Havre de Grace Middle School 763 KB Adobe PDF
6-07 Aberdeen Middle School 469 KB Adobe PDF 02-07-14
Overall Map of Harford County 1,022 KB Adobe PDF 04-25-13

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